Welcome To The New Website!

Rob Campbell   -  

We are really excited for you to see our new website! Thanks for stopping by. We hope that you will stop by a little more often and read our blog. Our church leadership and some others will be communicating with you on our blog. We trust the topics we address will encourage, challenge, and inspire you to grow. 

I wanted to take a few moments to help you know some ways to use our new website. 

1. A place to find information – now maybe this is what everyone knows a website is for but I did not want to assume people know what to do. You will not only find the core information like service times and core programs, but there will also be information regarding Covid guidelines for church,  events for youth group, and updated Community Group (CG) stuff. As we add CG’s the most current information will be on the CG page.

2. A place for help – That sounds rather general so let me explain. We have two pages on our website dedicated to needs that people may have whether they be physical or mental health or just needing direction with a good counseling recommendation. These pages can be found under the tab at the top of every screen called “Next Steps.” Click on that and you will see “Counseling & Mental Health Resources” and a page for “Need Help?” Both of these pages are great resources for quick information.

3. A place to read current thoughts from church leaders. This would be our Bethel Blog. This page can be found by clicking on the “Connect” tab at the top of the screen and there you will find “Bethel Blog” in the drop down choices. Our desire is to have new articles regularly that will give you some encouragement. The articles will cover anything from a devotional word of encouragement to mental health topics and even some things like favorite ice cream and coffee places in our area. 

We are thankful to let you have a look at the new website! We hope you are pleased and that you will let your friends know to check us out too!