Who I Am

Peter Warde   -  

NOTE: This blog is in a series called “Who I Am,” which gives some biographical info on our church leadership. Now we understand that some of us have known each other for awhile now. It may seem that no introduction is needed. However, we wanted these blogs entries to serve as a reminder that even though we think we know others well, there are always things we don’t know. We also want those interested in checking out our church to have a way to peruse some quick information about the leadership. Enjoy!


Hi, this is Peter and wanted to introduce myself through my first blog. I wanted to start by sharing some interesting things about me.


Interesting things about me:

  • I am a New Englander but don’t talk like a Bostonian.
  • I strongly dislike coffee (sorry to all that I just offended).
  • I am a history nerd, especially World War II.
  • I like to learn new things.
  • I like to ski (but never tried snowboarding).
  • I love to cook, grill and smoke food.
  • I am a huge fan of all New England sports teams (especially the Patriots)!
  • I love to try and experience new things (especially international food and travel).
  • I like to read, listen to books and binge podcasts.


About My Family:

My wife, Amy, and I have been married for over ten years now. We first met at church. She was from Texas and I was from New Hampshire. Our first two years of marriage, we lived in a coastal city in Maine. This was both a culture and temperature shock to my southern girl. I am blessed to have her by my side to do life and ministry with.

We moved to Pennsylvania to be a part of the ministry team at Bethel. We love our church family and the friendships that have grown here. The one thing that I have not warmed up to yet in Pennsylvania is scrapple. Our family has grown since we moved here. We are blessed to have two children that we have adopted.
As a family, we love traveling, spending time outdoors, camping, going for walks and spending time together. In the last year, we have also entered the world of foster care. The topics of adoption and foster care are something that my wife and I are both passionate about and I will be blogging about in the future.


About Ministry at Bethel:

My job, most basically, is to assist our parents in discipling their kids! I love what I do. Does anything more need to be said? I have the privilege of working with our kids and teens every day. So, what exactly do I do all day? During the school year, my office is a revolving door of kids and teens coming through. Sometimes, they just want to say hi, other times just to hang out and other times to stop and talk about life. Typically, there is a group in my office during lunch and study halls. One of my favorite things to do with our teens is book studies with them. Currently, a group of teens are working through a book on biblical masculinity. During the summer, we have book studies, camp, and mission trips. The best part of the job is developing relationships with our youth and watching them grow spiritually. The most rewarding part is watching our college students continue in the faith.


About Blogging:

I would like to write on things that pertain to my interests and passions. As mentioned earlier, I will be writing on adoption and foster care in the future. As well, I would like to write on things relating to children, youth and parenting. I am not an expert in any of these areas but desire to start and further conversations in each of these topics.