Who I Am

Eric Connors   -  
NOTE: This blog is in a series called “Who I Am,” which gives some biographical info on our church leadership. Now we understand that some of us have known each other for awhile now. It may seem that no introduction is needed. However, we wanted these blogs entries to serve as a reminder that even though we think we know others well, there are always things we don’t know. We also want those interested in checking out our church to have a way to peruse some quick information about the leadership. Enjoy!
My name is Eric. 
A lot of people know me as that guy up front who “does the music,” leads the choir, or plays the piano at church. Some 7th-8th graders know me as their Bible teacher. Some high school students know me as their choir director. Those who don’t know me well (since I’m more of an introvert) are sometimes surprised that that I like to have fun and have a sense of humor. (I try to reign in the quirky stuff.) I’m not always the first to speak in a group, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think or have opinions about things, for better or for worse. You can ask my family.
I’ve been married to Carla for nearly 26 years. I think I rescued her from hot and humid Florida, but she doesn’t agree with me November through March. We are parents to 4 great kids—a girl and three boys. Our children straddle the worlds of young adulthood and middle school. We like to hang out together, and we have many good memories of summer vacations to Canada or southern beaches. (See, I do take Carla back.) 
How did I get to be the church music guy? Well, I really took to playing the piano as a kid, and then really started liking choirs in college. God steered those passions for the last 25 years as instruments to aid others in worshiping God. There are a couple things about this calling that have been very satisfying. First, being able to help our church’s worship be shaped Bible content and the good news that God has a plan to save people. Second, working to prepare music that captures the passion of that message. I have the privilege to work with some musicians that lead in this, but I also get to help lead the whole church when we sing together. The best part of my “job” is when the whole church is engaged in worshipping God through music.
What kinds of things will I write about? For sure, things that are interesting to me and hopefully are meaningful. I’m pretty sure one topic will be things I’ve learned or am learning. Most recently, I’m learning some things that were accelerated by the COVID-19 quarantines. This created some margin in my life that caused me to think a lot about how I do life. Being busy in body, mind and heart all the time is not good. So, I’m sure I’ll write about some rhythms of life that have come out of this—habits that push me to connect with God and other people in my life. 
As far as hobbies go, I guess I’m just pretty normal for a Dad of four in mid-life. In other words, nothing major! I like to be outside—occasionally riding bike, playing tennis, shooting hoops and working in the yard. I try to exercise 3 times per week. I like to read. I like to spend some time in producing a real good-looking lawn. I’m finding out that low maintenance grass and thick, green, beautiful grass don’t go together. For now, I’m trying to keep this in the hobby column and out of the obsession column. Yea, I’ll probably write about that too.