Why start a blog?

Rob Campbell   -  

Why start a blog is a question I have asked myself a bunch of times. This is the second topic on a list of four suggested topics to address when starting a blog. I wonder, will anyone read it? Is this still a way to communicate effectively? As we began the process of redesigning our website, we had a great two-hour consultation that proved to be very challenging and refreshing to me. One of the recommendations from that consult is the value of blogging as a way to help drive traffic to our site. There was then some discussion around web analytics and things that are above my head in understanding. But from that consultation, my mind began to get wrapped around reviving a blog here at Bethel. 

So, here are three personal reasons I have for the blog:

1. A place to talk about things of interest to me that could be of interest to you. Think how boring life would be if everything were in only two colors. But with so many colors and variations on colors the brilliance of a sunrise captures us over and over. Likewise, sometimes we only know one or two things about someone when, in truth, there are so many layers of that persons life. Perhaps as I write about things from my vantage point it will spark some interest in you to journey a little deeper into someone else’s life.

2. A place with permission to be curious. Being in vocational ministry now for about twenty-five years, I have found many people wondering things about Christianity and just life in general that they don’t feel comfortable to express in a church setting. For many who have been in church for a long time, we know the right things to believe. But in the heart there are these very real questions that seem to be in conflict with what we know. Maybe if you see something on this blog that touches the reality of your heart, you will have the space to think and be curious about the questions you have. There will be alot to say about vulnerability and honesty as we journey these paths together. 

3. A space to breathe. Humans are out of breath. Busyness is wearing us down. Others have said more eloquently than me that we are more socially connected but relationally deprived than ever. I would hope the few minutes you give to read something here would help you to slow down and breathe.