So Many Choices

Rob Campbell   -  

Why should you read this blog? This is the final post to introduce our new church blog. I am going to talk here about why you may want to read this blog. You have more choices in things to read than there are choices of paint colors, potato chips or ice cream flavors! Why read our blog?

Curiosity. Maybe I am assuming something that really isn’t there, but if I attended a church I would want to hear what the leadership had to say. Things that are important to them. Now I know, you listen to us on Sunday for thirty or forty (maybe even fifty minutes) and we share alot. But there is more. Alot more. So, I want to invite you into a conversation with us outside of Sunday.

Encouragement. I have found that there are times when something very encouraging is just served up to me in a divinely orchestrated way. A hopeful text, a call, an email from a friend who explains that they were just thinking about me out of the blue. But we cannot wait to be encouraged. Hopefully, this blog will be a place you will find something refreshing to your heart when you need it.

Space. Let me explain. One of the reasons we don’t talk to people about heart issues is because we don’t know how they will respond. We are fearful of responses or being judged. We worry that the relationship will be strained if I tell my friend something heavy on my mind. Alot of times we don’t even know what to say. We need safe spaces. When I write I want to remember that you need the space to breathe. I am talking about a mental breath. A moment to catch your spiritual breath when it seems like you cannot see where God is at work or if He is at work in your life. A blog gives a moment to help you think about what is on your heart.

I want you to remember that reading an article is not a substitute for talking with another person. Galatians 6:2 says we should “bear one another’s burdens.” A human being has to help carry that weight. A screen or webpage is a weak substitute for a friend. But let these few words give you the courage to talk to that friend and journey together.