3 Things to Pray for our Worldview Trip

Peter Warde   -  

On Sunday night, our Worldview Trip group met for the last time. This was our third and final meeting. We have been doing an apologetic book study together. These training times are one of my favorite things we do as a youth group. Seated around my living room was a group of teens sharing what they were learning. We crowded onto couches and benches but we all fit. For over an hour and a half, we discussed deep biblical truths. We are reading a book about questions that unbelievers and believers ask about Christianity. Honestly, these are difficult topics for mature believers and it is exciting to see this group wrestle through them.

If you could see what I saw, you would be encouraged. These teens are thinking deeply and growing exponentially. They are grappling with difficult topics and allowing the Bible to shape their understanding of these discussions. They shared openly and honestly. Over the course of our book study, one after another shared their thoughts. These are beautiful moments of seeing God’s grace at work.

In two weeks (July 12th), we all load up and head to the Creation Museum and Ark. We were supposed to do this last summer but you know how everything went last summer. The plan is to spend two full days at the Creation Museum and a full day at the Ark Encounter. 

So why take a trip to the Creation Museum and Ark? We want our teens to think deeply about their faith. We want them to be convinced in their own heart and mind of biblical truths. We want them to be able to defend their faith. We want them to see that there are reasonable explanations to very difficult questions.  

So who is going?  I would love to tell you who is going. Maybe you can write this list down somewhere and pray for our young people.

Girls: Taylor Barth, Hope Campbell, Paige Glemser, Bitsy Kenny, Makayla Smith, Tori Scheiderer

Guys: Luke Connors, Kyle Dunfee, Ian Gordynskiy, Asher Kenny, Andrew Mitchell, Christian Platt, Haywood Scheiderer, Michael Singh 

Youth Leaders: Domingo & Noemi Martinez, Drew Platt, Peter & Amy Warde

Bonus Members: Joshua Warde and Katen Warde

Would you join us in praying for this Worldview Trip? I would like to ask that you pray with me for a few things.

  1. Pray for a continued independent faith.

We have watched all of them grow and embrace biblical truth. As teens grow into adulthood, all of them have to wrestle with making the faith that was passed down to them their own. It is not enough that they know Bible facts.  We want them to believe what they believe out of personal conviction. My prayer for them is that the faith that they have seen demonstrated would be their own. That information would move from the head to genuine heart belief. 

  1. Pray for team unity

We have talked a lot about this as a group. It is easy for all of us to be consumeristic and want everything to revolve around us. Selfishness kills unity! Pray with us that we would be filled with the fruit of the Spirit in our interactions and relationships. 

  1. Pray for safety. 

Our group will be traveling in two vans over 1,000 miles together. That is a road trip! Please pray that the drivers would have energy and alertness. Pray that we would have safety on the roads. 


Thank you for praying! We are excited for this opportunity together. If you want to see updates from our trip, you can follow our Bethel Youth Facebook page.