3 Ways to Pray for our Jr. High Mission Trip

Peter Warde   -  

On Friday morning, a group of Bethel teens and youth sponsors are heading up to Weatherly, PA. Before I go too far, I would like to introduce the group:

Teens: Jacob Connors, Ty Connors, Daniel Platt, Josh Shedal, Makayla Smith, Eden Scheiderer

Youth Sponsors: Brett and Stacy Keefer, Peter and Amy Warde

To be honest (shhh, this is a secret), this is probably my favorite mission trip that we do. If you know Dave and Christi Clarke, you probably know why. Our teens are spending three days with this awesome couple and their daughter Cara. As well, we will be serving with Trinity Bible Church. Our teens will be doing a variety of tasks including running a children’s outreach. On Sunday, they will be very involved in all areas of the morning worship service including music, Scripture reading, children’s ministry, etc.

Please pray for our teens this weekend as they serve. Here are three things that you can pray for specifically:

  1. Pray for strengthened faith: As we should be praying for all of our youth, mission trips have a unique opportunity to strengthen and grow our teens’ faith. Pray that their faith would be strengthened and would be their own.
  2. Pray for spiritual stretching: Most of us don’t like change or getting pushed out of our comfort zones. Mission trips have a way of taking us out of our normal life and pushing us into things that are outside our comfort zone. We have a great group but even a great group needs to grow. Pray with us that they would embrace the discomfort and grow as a result.
  3. Pray as they are away: For many this age, this is the first time that they have really been away from home. It can be hard for parents and teens. Pray that despite being away, they would embrace what God has called them to do and serve joyfully.