September Tuesday

Josh Scheiderer   -  

September Tuesday

A recollection of Tuesday, September 11, 2001 and the days following


Regular day

Infamous day


Crisp air

Ill winds


Secure feelings

Insecure borders


Box cutters

Jet missiles


Lower Manhattan

Northern Virginia


Pennsylvania field

America’s soul


The impossible

Inexplicably possible


Twisted metal

Smoldering rubble


Evil acts

Shining courage


Jihad plotting

“Let’s roll.”


Grieving families

Guilt-ridden friends


Politicians’ speeches

Rescuers’ heroics


Common people

Uncommon valor


All Jennings

No Leno


Learning Al-Qaeda

Re-learning terrorism


Al-Jazeera’s images

W’s bullhorn


“The Pile”

The patriotism


Churches full

Stadiums silent


Rock tributes

Country anthems


Candlelight vigils

Sidewalk memorials


American flags

American tears


Two parties

One nation


Above all

Under God


Many cultures



Twenty years

Another era


Josh Scheiderer

September 4, 2006

Updated August, 2021

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